Will the Kelani River Pollution End?

Asian countries are famous for its rituals done in rivers that connect with cultural aspects. Water is considered to be the most vital source for life. Many species including humans are depend on freshwater while marine species are depend on sea water for their survival. However, humanity’ ongoing anthropogenic activities have put rivers in jeopardy while delivering maximum advantages. When talking about river pollution, Kelani River receive great attention as it is known to be the most polluted river in Sri Lanka. Kelani River holds its reputation as the forth longest and second largest water body in the country as well. 25% of the population which accounts for 4 million people that is estimated to be 80% of people living in Colombo are depend on Kelani River to receive their drinking water (Rebert & Sathananthan, 2017). Well it is not just a river but a resource hub that continuously support people throughout its existence. 

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