Our Vision

The Lanka Environment Fund is a registered not-for-profit organization which was established in June 2019 in Sri Lanka. The aim of the Fund is to support existing conservation and environmental initiatives with their work and to foster a sense of stewardship of the island’s exceptional beauty and natural value. The cornerstone of our mission is the empowerment of local communities, backed up by investment in the local environment.

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Our people

We are a group of local and international friends of Sri Lanka, driven by the confidence that the island has an incredible opportunity to evolve in a positive way and conserve the Island’s unique geographical history and environmental heritage while maintaining it’s appeal as a global tourist destination.


  • Vinod Malwatte

    Executive Director

    A conservationist from Sri Lanka, Vinod has worked in several roles within the environmental field. He co-founded the Parrotfish Collective, a group of conservation communicators; operated as the project coordinator for the Rewilding for Tourism (RFT) project under the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA); as the co-founding project manager for Waste Less Arugam Bay (WLAB); and as project manager for the Federation of Environmental Organizations (FEO), Sri Lanka. Vinod has a masters degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Environment with a focus in community engagement and sustainability planning management and an undergraduate degree in Geography and Anthropology from Macalester College, USA.



Our Way

We strongly believe that supporting local environmental and conservation groups can make a positive impact and bring about long-lasting change.

To do so, we raise money from individuals all over the world, as well as from local businesses that care and see the value of protecting Sri Lanka’s natural resources. We ensure funds are directed appropriately and are dedicated to supporting the most effective conservation projects and campaigns carried out by local organizations, experts, individuals and initiatives already established in the Island.

The Lanka Environment Fund also seeks to build bridges between international and local communities and between NGOs, businesses and public entities, to develop networks that can play a key role in decision making and policies.