Wonders of the Wetlands


This three-part virtual project will consist of learning, dialogue and experience sharing built around urban wetlands in achieving several objectives;

  • Raise communication, education, participation and awareness on urban wetlands amongst children
  • Create a student community of leaders on urban wetland conservation
  • Promote the educational, recreational and spiritual value of urban wetlands amongst children


Urban wetlands play a critical role in sustaining livability of many cities in Sri Lanka. Being the first RAMSAR Wetland Capital City in the world, Colombo city provides an ideal example how the ecosystem services of wetlands in Colombo are crucial for the sustainability and livability of the city and the urban dwellers. Nevertheless, similar to the global situation, urban wetlands in Sri Lanka are also experiencing enormous pressure due to anthropogenic activities as a result of unplanned urban development. According to the Wetland Management Strategy for Metro Colombo Region (2016), the wetlands in Colombo are losing 1.2% rate annually.

With such a tragic situation, raising awareness and education on urban wetlands is an essential element for urban wetland conservation as well as for their wise use. As our future generation, children living in urban areas are one of the most important stakeholders to be educated and connected with urban wetland conservation. Therefore, the program “Wonders of Wetlands” is designed to create this knowledge and awareness on urban wetlands among children living in cities while connecting them emotionally with these precious urban landscapes and finally empowering them to be advocates of urban wetland conservation.

Through this program, the Love a Tree Foundation expects to familiarize, educate and raise awareness among urban children of Colombo about the urban wetlands and their importance to the cities.