Stately but Risky

Elephants are majestic and leave an unforgettable impression on the minds of those who come across them in the wild. Be it in a herd or a loner, even a tusker maybe, the experience is one of thrill and excitement, no matter how often you come across them.

So it is not surprising then that many who come across these unforgettable occasions try to take as many photographs as possible. However, one must be cautious and take the maximum precautions when trying to photograph oneself with elephants in the wild.

Tourists who are fascinated with Sri Lanka’s elephants have on many occasions attempted to take photos with these regal animals while ignoring all safety measures. The attempt to click a camera or a phone camera for a photo or a selfie has in some cases resulted in injuries or death of these tourists due to their careless and irresponsible behaviour in the presence of a wild elephant.

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