Six Crop Ravaging Animals No Longer Under Protection

Peacocks, monkeys, toque macaques (“rilava”), grizzled giant squirrels (“dadu lena”), porcupines, and wild boars have been removed from the list of protected animals, and measures to control the population of these wild animals are being examined, considering the massive crop damage they are causing.

Speaking to The Morning yesterday (10), an official from the Ministry of Agriculture noted that elephants, peacocks, monkeys, toque macaques, grizzled giant squirrels, porcupines, and wild boars have been listed as the wild animals that caused the most significant crop damage.

“Since elephants attract local and foreign tourists, they will remain in the protected list of animals, while the otherd have been taken off the list.”

The official emphasised that with these five wild animals being taken off the list of protected animals, their population can be controlled, which will mitigate crop damage.

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