Short Sighted Policies Destroying Sri Lanka’s Wildlife

Today is World Wildlife Day 

In February 2023, the prestigious Forbes magazine proclaimed Sri Lanka as having the Top Wildlife Safaris Outside of Africa for the year 2023.

“The nation has one of the planet’s densest populations of leopards and is arguably the best place to reliably see these magnificent cats, even more so than most of Africa. There are also Asian elephants, peacocks, water buffalo, monkeys, and sloth bears,” it said.

For many years now, Dr Sumith Pilapitiya, the former Director General of the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC), has publicly proclaimed this on numerous platforms. “Where else could you see the world’s largest marine mammal, the blue whale, in the morning, and the world’s largest terrestrial mammal, the elephant, in the afternoon, and all on the same day?” he asked.

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