Saving Forests with Corporate and Public Responsibility

“According to Global Forest Watch, in 2021 Sri Lanka lost 13.3kha of natural forest. The same source indicates that between 2013 and 2021, 100% of tree cover lost was of natural forests (202kha). Though the figures for 2022 are yet to be calculated and confirmed, from the multitude of media reports during the course of the year, it is feared that this trend has increased rather than changing for the better.” Groundviews, January 25, 2023

We know this and we know that despite all of their expressed concerns and intentions that the policymakers have little thought of doing much to reverse this trend. Rather than bemoan this inactivity and do nothing more, conservation groups have been attempting to do what they can to reverse some of these trends and bring trees and natural habitat back to where they once were. This has only been possible with the financial generosity of corporate entities and individuals and of the assistance of the relevant statutory bodies. They all see the sense in these projects which try to ensure the preservation of the environmental integrity of this small island and of its future health and wealth.

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