Putting an end to Sri Lankan ecocide

While we are a little haven of biodiversity, ecological, and wildlife wonder, there is an uglier picture beneath the surface. 2020 was one of the worst years for environmental conservation Sri Lanka has ever seen.

Over the last year, our island, renowned for leopards and elephants, has seen the deaths of more than 12 leopards and over 400 elephants, the vast majority of which are a direct result of human-animal conflict. Additionally, currently only 17% of our landmass is closed-canopy forest cover and this is decreasing. 2020 saw a number of pieces of protective legislation being overturned, and a number of protected areas being put back into development. There have also been lots of illegal acts of land acquisition and destruction. These are just some of the concerning events that have impacted wildlife and nature conservation in Sri Lanka over the past year.

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