Other State Forests and the conservation of Sri Lanka’s rainforest biota

Circular MWFC/1/20201 issued on 4 November by the Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Conservation has caused widespread concern and consternation. This circular seeks to make all Sri Lanka’s other state forests (OSFs) available for “economic and other productive activities” [my translation]. It does so by revoking four previous circulars (5/2001, 02/2006, 02/02/03/301 and 05/98) and by transferring the administration of OSFs from the Forest Department to district and divisional secretariats. As reported widely in the media since earlier this year, conservationists, researchers and environmental lawyers fear that the release of OSFs for economic and other activities will lead to their clearance and destruction. Some media reports assert that more than 700,000 ha of forest could be at stake2,3.

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