No Fuel, No Future? The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Fishing Communities in Negambo

There has been no ‘formal’ distribution of kerosene for fishers in over four months. Kerosene is essential to one-day fishing boats that operate within the coastal waters of the country, as well as for those in the lower-economic bracket for cooking.

In this photo essay, we highlight how the lack of kerosene as a result of the ongoing economic crisis is impacting those that depend on coastal fisheries in Negombo —specifically the Pitpana, Palangathure, Kammalthota and Kudapaduwa areas — for their livelihood.

“We went to sea yesterday evening after many weeks. We haven’t had access to any kerosene oil for over four months. We used some old oil that we have been saving for this trip because we have to find a way to earn some money. We have no other mode of income and have not received support from anyone,” Micheal*,  a one-day boat fisher said.

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