Making Cash from Trash

The organic fertilizer ship from China was one of the hotly debated topics in Sri Lanka. The quality of the fertilizer shipment, which resulted heated exchanges between the stakeholders, almost sparked a diplomatic brawl between the two countries. During this debacle, the public also reacted with their opinions; some were genuinely concerned about the quality issue while some others were angered by the importation process. Another faction rejected it because it believed that it was a shipment of “fertilizer made out of garbage.” Although the Chinese company is known for making organic fertilizer out of seaweed, I do not know if this particular shipment was made of seaweed, or garbage as some have put it. I want to focus on the sentiment that it was rejected based on the suspicion that it may be made of garbage. My question is what if it was made of garbage? Is it that bad to make organic fertilizer out of garbage?

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