Guardians of the ‘Knuckles’ Range

Mountain peaks blanketed by clouds, cascading waterfalls, symphonies of forest sounds, hundreds of unique species of flora and fauna, and enchanting landscapes; the Dumbara, or ‘Knuckles’ mountains have it all. Located in central Sri Lanka, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the range is named for its famed peaks that resemble a clenched fist.

The Knuckles mountain range spreads over 18,500 hectares in the districts of Kandy and Matale. Its densely forested domain is home to 34 peaks, critical watersheds, and a high level of biodiversity. Communities have lived for centuries on the edge of the forest in a balanced coexistence with their natural surroundings. But looming risks from poorly planned development and the increasing numbers of tourists threaten this balance.

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