The Environmental Foundation (EFL), together with Blue Resources Trust (BRT) and the Green Movement Sri Lanka (GMSL) is implementing a project titled “COLIBRI – Community Livelihood and Biodiversity Recovery”. The project is funded by the European Union, while ACTED is the lead applicant for this project. EFL and BRT are conducting marine-based projects in the Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary (BRMS) and the Kayankerni Marine Sanctuary (KMS), while GMSL is conducting a terrestrial project within the Knuckles Conservation Forest.

 The LEF has provided EFL with necessary co-funding for this project via a grant which will help safeguarding the fragile coastal reef ecosystems of the BRMS by strengthening civil society’s capacity to promote sustainable use of natural resources and improve local community livelihoods. This project is enacted in close collaboration with the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) and local communities who are stakeholders of the BRMS and is currently on-going. Unfortunately, the on-going economic crisis has had severe impacts on the field activities planned for this project. 

Project objectives include;

  • Offer livelihood support for local communities
  • Development of materials for awareness raising
  • Development of website for offering livelihood support for local communities and visitors to BRMS
  • Offer on-site technical support for conservation agencies via capacity building


 For more information on this project contact the Environmental Foundation (EFL).