Nurdle Free Lanka


This project which was initiated by the Pearl Protectors is currently on-going and was launched in response to the MV X Press Pearl maritime disaster which occurred in May 2021. A fore aboard the MV X Press Pearl caused containers to capsize into the ocean releasing a number of toxic chemicals as well as billions of plastic pellets known as ‘nurdles’ into the ocean.

Through 34 volunteer mobilizations this project has thus far cleaned over 1540 kgs of nurdles from Sri Lanka’s coastline across 4 districts that were heavily affected by what is now being called the worst marine disaster faced by Sri Lanka. 1933 volunteers have been mobilized to remove these nurldes and other micro-plastics using a variety of specially developed low-cost tools.

The LEF has funded this project during two phases, initially with the LEF’s funds and subsequently through a funding partnership with Hoppers London. For more information on this volunteer initiative contact us or get in touch with the Pearl Protectors.