• Cleaner Seabeds

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  • Human Elephant Conflict Mini-Series to Raise Awareness Amongst Rural Farming Communities

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  • Blue Carbon Stock Assessment of Seagrasses in the Vidattaltivu Nature Reserve

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  • Wonders of the Wetlands

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  • Project COLIBRI

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  • Nurdle Free Lanka

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  • Habitat Restoration and Support of Livelihoods Impacted by COVID-19 through the Removal of Invasive Alien Species in the Lunugamvehera National Park

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  • Accelerated Natural Regeneration of Mangroves in the Anawilundawa Sanctuary

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  • Mannar Region Systemic Solutions (MARESSOL) Project

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  • Say “NO” to Bush Meat – A Trilingual Digital Awareness Campaign

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  • The Protect Vidattaltivu Coalition to Save One of the Last Remaining Contiguous Mangrove Forests

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  • Identification & Establishment of Forest Corridors in the Sri Lankan Central Highlands

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  • Sustainability Best Practices Guide for Small & Medium Scale Tourism Stakeholders in Sri Lanka

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  1. Fieldwork

    This includes research, monitoring activities, conservation services, rehabilitation, restoration, signage, etc.

  2. Community Engagement

    This includes education and training activities, capacity building, public events and exhibits organization, voluntary activities, etc.

  3. Campaigns

    This includes information and awareness-raising campaigns, policy and advocacy work, call to actions and activism activities, etc.

  4. Networking

    This includes exchanging and replication of best practices, bridging people, businesses, NGOs and associations, study visits, dissemination activities, etc.

  5. Technical Support

    This includes the provision of appropriate equipment, study development, consultancy, etc.

Criterios de Apoyo a Proyectos

  • WHO: Local non-profit organizations working in towards environmental conservation are highly recommended to apply for grants. Associations, clubs, social cooperatives and other local community based organizations are encouraged to apply for grants.

  • The applicants must display strong and effective leadership and emphasize on integrated bottom-up approach, by consulting with, mobilizing and involving local communities and demonstrate positive community impact.



  • WHAT: Applications for funding from the LEF should fit into one of the Fund’s key focus areas as well as the LEF’ preferred types of projects.

  • The proposed projects shall be clear and compelling, with the objective to create measurable and sustainable long-term results, build capacity and encourage participation by the local society.

  • Ideally, the proposed activities shall be sufficiently visible to leverage additional support from other funding sources.

  • WHERE: The LEF encourages the implementation of projects in different regions of the island. Projects with opportunities for replicability and collaboration across local communities will be prioritized.

Cuándo enviar solicitud

Applications for grants will be accepted on a roll-on basis. Decisions will be made at Steering Committee meetings held 3 to 4 times an year. Please contact us prior to applying !

Cómo solicitar fondos

All applicants need to complete and send our application form. In case of approval by the SC members, the grantee will need to sign a Grant Agreement with specific terms of the collaboration. Please download the application or fill in the online application form below