‘Gathering’ Losing its Greatness

The rains have come and gone, and the water levels have receded. As the lush green shoots of the new plants emerge, these are the first signs of the end of the monsoon and the beginning of the dry season. The long period of gloomy skies and heavy rains is finally over.

This is the time the elephants are eagerly waiting for. The time has now come for these pachyderms to seek greener pastures, as they are attracted to the new and fresh shoots of plants, that were hitherto submerged by the rain water, but are now springing up to the first signs of the scorching sun.

The hot sun is warmly welcomed by hundreds of elephants, who come in their herds to their much loved green pastures, to graze and roam in search of food and water.

It is an amazing sight to see a large number of elephants gathering in one location in August and September, better known as the Great Elephant Gathering in Minneriya. But over the years the number of elephants that come to the Minneriya National Park has reduced drastically, due to the implementation of the Moragahakanda Project.

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