Four million different solutions solutions to the problem of staying alive

“Ever since we arrived on this planet as a species, we’ve cut them down, dug them up, burnt them and poisoned them. Today we’re doing so on a greater scale than ever.” David Attenborough

Forest conservation is primarily about the survival of people, of us, as a species, of protecting ourselves from the detrimental consequences of our own actions. Yet we seem to be having a great deal of trouble in comprehending that. The human species evolved into a world that it shared with millions of other species; a system that was always changing, never in permanent balance but always seeking a new equilibrium. That is the basis of evolution, ‘the survival of the fittest’, with the best to adapt to these changes proving the survivors. These variations, however, took place gradually over very long time intervals in the approximate 3.7 billion years since life first evolved on this planet.

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