A Disastrous 2021 & Conservation Challenges in 2022

Environmental conservation in Sri Lanka is as challenging as the economy of the country. Environmental degradation is fully supported and carried out with the blessings of corrupt politicians. This has been the case since the British left Sri Lanka with a forest cover of close to 50%.

Thereafter, we began the destruction that goes on at an alarming rate today in many forms be it deforestation of rainforests and mangroves, mining of sand, metal and gems, water pollution, air pollution, soil contamination and conversion of forests to non-forest uses that go on under the guise of development. From the felling of the Sinharaja forest in the early 70s and the fast-paced Mahaweli development project to more recent development projects such as highways, the Hambantota port and airport, reservoirs and agricultural projects, they are contributing to the degradation of the environment alarmingly and rapidly.

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